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Instruments currently built in Spain. Distributed in the U.S. by Alhambra USA, Inc. located in Asheville, NC. Alhambra has been producing guitars since 1965.
The first Alhambra guitar was manufactured in 1965 in Spain. Alhambra classical guitars are medium to very high quality Spanish instruments. These guitars epitomize the sound and beauty of a traditional Spanish guitar. The more elaborate the wood is, the more the guitar is worth. Rosewood is worth more than mahogany, and Brazilian rosewood comands a premium over all. Models are constructed with either solid cedar, red cedar, or solid spruce tops, and cypress, Brazilian rosewood, laminated rosewood, or laminated sycamore sides. Alhambra is also building a number of steel string guitars. Classical models start at $503. Flamenco guitars start at $916. Steel string guitars start at $925. For a full listing of models and information, contact Alhambra directly or visit their website.

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